About Ristretto Stone

Who We Are

Ristretto Stone opened with a simple vision: a cozy neighborhood spot for hot coffee and warm conversation. While the big guys are in the business of business, we are in the business of people, with coffee as the conduit.

Ristretto Stone’s evolution into a cafe, bakery, and roastery was brought to fruition by a trifecta of strong women with a desire to bring a quality-driven experience to Bremerton. Why should Seattle get all the good stuff?!

With talent, drive, and nearly 60 years of food and beverage industry experience, combined with plenty of DIY spirit, we’ve really brewed up something you’ll love. We push ourselves at every step to exceed expectations as we build community. We’ve created not only a place to get a great cup of coffee and bagel – but a place to belong.

To us, quality is everything, which means taking care of our customers first. From Ristretto Stone’s launch, we’ve focused on shifting the dynamic from business to people. Our customers are never a number to us. We love knowing how you’re doing, your kids, your grandparents, and crafting a quality food and beverage experience based on your wants and needs.

Our motto, “We Speak Coffee,” is because we know coffee is a universal language that brings people together.

About Ristretto Stone - A close up of three hands holding coffee cups, clicking them together as if toasting the occasion.