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About Ristretto Stone

We opened Ristretto Stone with a simple concept. While the big guys are in the business of business, we are in the business of coffee, and in a lot of ways, we are in the business of people. It seems like the corporate world has forgotten about the people they serve. Massive chains have allowed for impressive industry growth, but along the way, customer service took a back seat. Our goal is to simplify everything. We wanted to take it back to basics. There’s something special about a cozy neighborhood spot for hot coffee and warm conversation. This experience is at the core of our vision.

Ristretto Stone was born from the imagination of two young women with unmatched drive and dedication. We immersed ourselves fully into our business and our passion, striving to create something special. Together, we really brewed up something we think you will love. The key to our success is the unique qualities we each bring to the table and infuse into everything we do. Both young entrepreneurs, we bring energy to everything we do. We work hard and push ourselves at every step to exceed expectations as we build, not just a business, but a community. Ristretto Stone is not only a place to get a great cup of coffee but a place to belong.

Our goal is to give our customers a warm and welcoming environment where they can get their day off to a great start with an exceptional cup of coffee first thing in the morning or stop in for a quick afternoon pick-me-up. Together, we are two sides to the same coin and mesh perfectly to deliver a great customer experience. Individually, we represent a strong business professional and a creative soul. Joining forces, our talents help to shape the vision of Ristretto Stone and the quality service our community can rely on. To us, quality is everything. But when we say quality, we don’t just mean a superb cup of coffee. That’s a given.

To us, quality means taking care of our customers first. When we started Ristretto Stone, our focus was on shifting the dynamic and refocusing on what’s important. We were tired of seeing the big companies focus on numbers instead of people and we knew that we were not the only ones. We feel strongly that the people that come into our shop deserve a personal touch. Our customers are never a number to us. From crafting the highest-quality coffee to cultivating an environment where everyone is welcome, we see each day as an opportunity to give our customers the best. Our motto is “We Speak Coffee” and we truly believe that this is a universal language that brings people together. That is what Ristretto Stone is all about.


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