Cappuccino first came into the worlds languages in 1948. Cappuccino means “little hood” and the drink itself reminded the Italians of the Capuchin Monks.

There are two types of coffee trees: arabica and robusta.

Coffee trees take 3-4 years to begin producing coffee beans.

It takes 25 coffee cherries to produce 1 shot of espresso6 pounds of coffee cherries will produce one pound of roasted coffee.

Most coffee cherries have two beans inside but 5-10 percent of coffee cherries have only one bean and it’s called a peaberry.

There are five distinct layers of a coffee cherry before you get to the bean.

There are 62 coffee growing countries in the world, but most coffee comes from Latin America, Africa and Asia/ Pacific, also called the coffee belt.

There are three different ways to decaffeinate coffee.

The lighter the roast of coffee, the more caffeine it contains.



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